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5 Best Car Colors You Should Consider Going For

5 Best Car Colors You Should Consider Going For

One of the biggest questions to consider, apart from make and model, when buying a new car is what color you should buy. Car color can be a good way to define yourself and demonstrate your personal taste. It also influences how much your car will later be worth if you plan to resell it sometime.

You’ll receive different opinions from people on what features your car should have which are most likely based on their personal preferences, but on ReviewsBird.com, you’ll find helpful car dealers’ reviews.

Take a look at the 5 best car colors you should consider going for.

1.  Silver

Silver is one of the most popular colors for luxury vehicles. Or better said, silver is a color to make one’s car look luxurious. In fact, in at least 14 different languages, the words for “silver” and “money” are the same. This fact says a lot about how silver brings cars to the elite table of vehicles. In addition, silver cars retain their resale values!

2.  Black

Black has been a common choice of color for decades, allowing it to sustain its appeal, but this color appears to be more popular with SUVs and mini-vans. Black as a color often exudes a formal and elegant view. Get the metal and chrome accents as well as the wheels blacked out, then, select an all-black interior with black accents and facade for a stealthier black vehicle.

Bear in mind that black is difficult to maintain and an auto body color expert can only paint it properly. Black is excellent at making exterior vehicle remainders pop out better than other shades do.

3.    Maroon

Maroon is a choice to explore for your car if you are a lover of reddish colors. Although, not a classic red, it is appealing in many vehicle models. Maroon falls into the range of medium red, so pick a red that has black undertones to attain the sleek exterior of the car you are aiming for. Just like it is for red, matching maroon with nothing other than the hue of a black and tan interior is a perfect color combination.

4.      White

White is one of the United States’ most popular colors forvehicles. White stands out well when paired with a black-and-red interior on exotic cars or premium sports cars. Also, if you are contemplating on which color to paint your old car, white is the simplest paint color to take care of after it is applied and is a proficient color to conceal small dents, scratches and other imperfections in the body of the vehicle. Since white uniformly suits the body type and original interior of every vehicle, you can easily upgrade your car.

5.      Blue

If speed and comfort come to mind, the dark metallic shade of blue is a great choice for your car. A lighter shade of baby blue is a more youthful take on luxury and speed. This shade serves well on vintage cars too. Generally, metallic or gray-based blues are more favorable for vehicles than lighter blue shades.

Before getting a car or changing the color of your current car, make sure you consider thesecolors. Remember, you get to see your car every day and you deserve a nice view.