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Three things to spend your holiday money on

Three things to spend your holiday money on

We’re all living in the same world, and we’re all living through these difficult COVID times. There are a lot of things we aren’t able to do such as going to concerts, going out to dinner or going on – an out of country – holiday. A lot of people aren’t really into the holidays that they’re able to go on in their own country so they decide to not go at all. Even when they decide not to go on a holiday, the chance of having a good amount of savings down for it to use on a holiday are definitely there. So what else can you spend it on?

A new motorcycle

This one of course isn’t for everyone. There are a few more things that you need before you’re able to buy a motorcycle. One of those is an actual license to ride one. And if you want a good quality one, a Harley-Davidson for example you also have to have quite the holiday budget. Some people have these of course, others don’t, in that case, this option is definitely not for you and you should keep reading. If you already have a Harley-Davidson, maybe you’d want to invest in some Harley-Davidson OEM parts in case it’s needed.

Treat yourself

Treat yourself to a self care day. Go get your hair done, get your nails done, get a facial treatment, go shopping, go to the spa, do whatever makes you feel good. And this could go for anyone, maybe do it with your partner, maybe with your kid, maybe going with your sibling is a fun thing to do or maybe you should take your parent(s) with you to have a little relaxing day. Every once in a while, everyone can use a day off. It doesn’t matter what it is, maybe it’s something small like having a movie marathon at home, or going to the cinema. Maybe you want to go shopping, you decide what your day off looks like!


Some people just can’t sit still when they have some time off of work. If you’re one of these people, and there is at least one thing in your home you would like to change, maybe that’s an option for you. If it’s something you have the time and money for at that moment, what is stopping you? Go and look into what you like a bit and then just go for it, afterwards it might feel a hundred times better than when your time off started.