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These are 4 Emergency Steps that Must be Done when the Car Hits

These are 4 Emergency Steps that Must be Done when the Car Hits

Car breaking down sometimes makes drivers confused, especially when events occur in traffic jams. If the driver knows the character of the car he is driving and is well equipped to repair the car, then he tends to be calmer in handling it. But for drivers who only understand how to operate a car, of course, the conditions are different.

There are several steps taken to reduce panic when the car breaks down:

1. Pulling the vehicle

Try to park the car on the side of the road or the nearest parking area so as not to interfere with smooth traffic. Car owners can ask local residents to help push the car to the side. Make sure the place you choose isn’t too quiet so you don’t invite unwanted things.

2. Install the Safety Triangle

Car owners when experiencing problems can immediately install a safety triangle so that the vehicle from the rear is not confused. The safety triangle is usually obtained when purchasing a vehicle as part of the tools. The safety triangle is usually a package with a first aid bag, jack, etc.

3. Categorize the cause of the strike

After the car is on the side of the road, check the condition of the crash experienced and then categorize whether it is from the engine, chassis, or just a flat tire. After the strike condition can be categorized, the car owner can immediately call the repair shop or can do it himself.

4. Check the Indicator Light

If the condition comes from the engine, the next step that can be taken when facing a car breaking down is to pay attention to information about the condition of the car through the Indicator Light located on the instrument panel. Through these indicators, car owners can get clues about the problems they are facing.

If the car owner already finds it difficult to repair the vehicle himself or doesn’t even want to bother with it, then it’s time to contact towing Racine services and take the car to the garage.

Perform regular maintenance every 6 months or 10,000 km so that the vehicle is always in prime condition.