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Successfully Launching the V7 III Carbon, Now Moto Guzzi is Releasing the V7 III Special

Successfully Launching the V7 III Carbon, Now Moto Guzzi is Releasing the V7 III Special

To commemorate the birth of the Moto Guzzi brand in the world. V7III Carbon looks special. He also meets the V7III family variant to six. Previously there were Stone, Special, Racer, Milano and Rough with their respective characteristics. Now there is a variant of the Moto Guzzi V7III Carbon in Moto Guzzi dealers‘ wheels.

Many features of the V7III Carbon are visible from the attachment of carbon material to the front and rear fenders and the side body. “The aim is to strengthen the character of this best-selling Moto Guzzi (V7 Series) as much as possible,” as quoted from the official release of Piaggio Group, some time ago.

The carbon element is also able to present a thick racing aura. This is in line with the history of Moto Guzzi who used to be a champion in several fast-paced matches in Europe. Red accents appear to wrap the front of the Brembo brake house, the Moto Guzzi eagle symbol, seat seams and the edge of the engine to add a sporty aura. This red paint is so flashy because it is side by side with the dominant V7III Carbon body matt black.

Another specialty, the seat is covered with Alcantara leather. The material claimed is very suitable for driving, waterproof and comfortable. The tank cover is made of black aluminum billets, as are the headlights and injector covers. As a sign of this motorcycle is indeed made limited, the production number written on the handlebar.

About the engine, just like the other V7III family that is equipped with a capacity of 744 cc two-cylinder with a unique V configuration. When most manufacturers make the V engine parallel to the gas tank, Moto Guzzi designed it transversely. Of course, this makes the overall appearance of the motor more manly and solid.

Another effect, the power depot is easy to cool even without a radiator. In performance, the mechanical heart can spew peak torque of 60 Nm at 4,900 rpm and a maximum power of 51.6 PS at 6,200 Rpm. Safety features ranging from the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control (MGCT). This MGCT has two levels for use on wet and dry roads. The point is to prevent the rear wheel from slipping when the motor accelerates.

Not stopping there, at this time the Moto Guzzi V7 III Limited was launched at the Wheels and Waves event in Biarritz, France. This newest and rare product has a stylish and elegant modern look. This is thanks to the use of several chrome-plated motorcycle ornaments and high-class material. Indeed this iron horse will only be made as many as 500 units for the entire world.

Located in Mandello, Biarritz, France, Moto Guzzi V7 III was presented at a festival that was quite popular in France. The event that combines motorbike hobbies and surfing sports is often attended by people from various corners of the earth.

Moto Guzzi V7 III Limited is one of the sincere offerings from Italian motorcycle makers, for surfers in French waters. Roberto D’Amico, who is a professional surfer from Italy, puts the Moto Guzzi logo on his skateboard.

This motorbike itself uses a fuel tank coated with chrome ornaments. Also, several other components are made of high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum, making the vehicle look more eye, Cathy.

This limited motorbike has an identification number printed on the strap across the tank. While the seat there is an old model stitching that makes it contrast with its modern appearance.

Moto Guzzi V7 III Limited uses a 750 cc twin-cylinder engine that crosses and becomes his trademark. Near the engine there are two round shaped floodlights, so that helps vehicle lighting when entering areas with minimal lighting