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7 Ways to Overcome Car Broke Down On the Road

7 Ways to Overcome Car Broke Down On the Road

Have you ever had a problem with your car breaking down in the middle of the road? For those of you who are knowledgeable about machines, this is not a big problem. However, another story for ordinary people. This is especially so if the car you are driving stops in a remote or unfamiliar place.

So, how do you fix the car breaking down? Check out the description below.

Do not panic

Generally, most people will experience a panic attack when a car breaks down suddenly. Try to stay calm. Panic will only make it hard to think.

If you panic, try to hold your breath and exhale slowly. Do it until your calm returns. When you’re calm, you can take the best steps to solve the problem.

Secure the Car

If your car breaks down halfway through the road, you have to push it over the edge. This is done to secure the vehicle while maintaining the safety of you and other drivers.

Contact Car Towing Services

If you cannot handle a car breaking down alone, contact a trusted towing service immediately. While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, make sure you are outside the vehicle. Kenosha towing is one of the best towing service that you can consider.

Turn on the lights

This step is only used when your vehicle breaks down at night. You are required to turn on hazard lights or other lights. The goal is to provide a sign that a vehicle is having problems. That way, other drivers will be more careful when passing.

Install the Safety Triangle

The safety triangle is an emergency sign that can be used to solve a car breaking down. Install the safety triangles on the front and back of the car with a distance of about three to ten meters. If your car breaks down on winding roads, install a safety triangle before the corner.

Check the indicator light

Actually, there are many causes for a car to break down. To find out this, you can check the indicator light. Through the symbols on the indicator, you can easily find out what caused the car to break down. Is there a malfunction in the engine, too high a radiator temperature, a problem with the battery, or low fuel?

If your car stops suddenly because the radiator has overheated, wait a moment for the car to cool down. Open the radiator cap and add water to it. This also applies if your car runs out of oil. Meanwhile, if the fuel runs out, you have to fill it by buying gasoline at retailers.

Lack of fuel can cause problems with the carburetor. If this happens, the combustion process will not be complete. As a result, the car engine will not start even though it has been turned on many times. In addition to minimal fuel, a valve that is too dirty can cause the car to break down. The reason is, dirt blocks the flow of fuel to the carburetor.

Car Check

If the problem is not in the indicator light, then the best way is to check the car, from the tires to the starter switcher. The problem of leaking car tires can be resolved easily, namely by changing tires or contacting a roving tire repairing service.

Another causes that is sometimes difficult to detect is the weak electric current in the battery. Even though the battery is the center of energy. If there is a problem with the wires, battery terminals, or water intensity, you must fix it immediately. If not, the car will remain off.

In addition to battery problems, worn starter switchers often trigger the car to break down. In general, worn cables must be replaced, while loose cables can still be repaired using temporary attachments.